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Color Mutations

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A normal Pacific Parrotlet is green. The males have blue on their wings, backs and streaking back from their eyes. The male color mutation parrotlets also have these blue markings.

The color mutations that we breed are: blue, American yellow, American white, blue fallow, grey green and grey.

Female -American Yellow Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

Male -American Yellow Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

A short lesson in the genetics of mutations:
Split means that the parrotlet is visually green, but it has the gene of a color mutation. So "split to blue" looks green but has a green gene and a blue gene. When bred with a blue parrotlet (having 2 blue genes), half of the offspring will be blue (a blue gene from the split to blue parent and a blue gene from the blue parent), the other half will be visually green, split to blue (a green gene from the split to blue parent and a blue gene from the blue parent). Thus the color mutations are recessive, requiring both genes to be that color for the bird to have that color visually.

Split to blue parentBlue parent

Female -Normal Green Pacific Parrotlet
The above lesson can also be applied to the American yellow and other color mutations.

Male -Normal Green Pacific Parrotlet

When a blue parrotlet breeds with a yellow parrotlet, the offspring are called double split. They appear green in color, but have two color mutation genes, a blue and a yellow.
Blue parentYellow parent

Male -Blue Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

When two double split (blue and yellow) parrotlets breed, their offspring can have any color: green, blue, yellow and sometimes white.

Female -Blue Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

The percentage of different color mutation offspring
from a double split pair
The percent and first letter are the visual color of the bird. The following letters are the splits (other gene colors the bird has).
6.25% G
12.5% G/B
12.5% G/Y
25% G(Y/B)
6.25% B
12.5% B/Y
12.5% Y/B
6.25% Y
6.25% W

There are four different gene combinations of green parrotlets, two for visually blue parrotlets and two for visually yellow parrotlets. These differences can't be determined without breeding the parrotlet to test it.

Female - American White Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

Male - American White Mutation Pacific Parrotlet

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